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Gentle Giant Collectibles

Harry Potter: Nymphadora Tonks Mini Bust

There is somewhat more to Nymphadora Tonks than meets the eye. At first she..


Indiana Jones Mini Bust

An archeologist and treasure hunter, Indiana Jones cannot resist the chase ..


Lord of the Rings: Animated Ringwraith on Horse Maquette

Ringwraiths are creatures of the twilight world. To most they appear as bla..


Lord of the Rings: Frodo in Orc Armor Mini Bust

Frodo undertook the epic quest to destroy the One Ring in the firey core of..


Lord of the Rings: Sam in Orc Armor Mini Bust

Sam was the stalwart friend to Frodo, and stood by him in his quest to dest..


Pirates of the Caribbean: Davy Jones Scene Replica

It is Davy Jones Locker for ye! The Flying Dutchman, is rising from the dep..


Star Wars: Jawa Mini Bust Set

The Jawas are a scavenger species. They comb the deserts of Tatooine in sea..


Star Wars: Kit Fisto Classics Mini Bust

Kit Fisto is a striking example of an alien Jedi, with large, unblinking ey..


Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi Mini Bust

Obi-Wan Kenobi was the wise mantor of Luke Skywalker, and first guided him ..


Star Wars: TIE Pilot Classics Mini Bust

It takes a dedicated warrior with unending loyalty to strap in behind the c..


Star Wars: Zuckuss Classics Mini Bust

The mysterious alien bounty hunter Zuckuss was one of the bounty hunters Da..


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